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Manners for Girl Scouts

Manners for Girl ScoutsHolloway is GSNEO Approval! Build confidence while earning your Manners Badge. The Girl Scouts of America recently made a pledge to become more relevant to today’s girls. For the first time in more than 30 years, America’s largest club for girls has decided to take on an overhaul that will impact all of its members. This new strategy will pay particular attention to many of the issues girls ages 5 to 17 face in daily life. By requiring that all troops meet etiquette requirements, the Girl Scouts of America are incorporating new standards that build confidence and teach life skills and leadership. Program content may include: First Impressions, Phone Manners, Positive Image, Dining Etiquette, Thank-you Notes, and Conduct of a Houseguest. Program format and features vary based on your troops’ interests and development goals. Etiquette Consulting Services can help your troop build confidence, have fun, and meet this requirement over the course of one or more sessions.

“Catherine Holloway’s Manners for Girl Scouts”

Programs (see link for GS information) can be customized with features such as:

  • On site visit to the troop
  • Flexible time increments to create the ideal program
  • Designed around the requirements of the Social Butterfly Badge
  • Customized topics to fit your troop’s goals
  • Designed for the age of the girls