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Children & Youth

Children's Etiquette ClassesGood behavior opens doors. Etiquette Consulting Services’ programs for children and teens focus upon skills to help them succeed in the classroom, at home, on the job, and with peers. Application of these skills leads to increased opportunities, greater confidence and improved self-esteem.

Catherine Holloway’s Etiquette Classes™

In these courses young people learn confidence, poise, and self- esteem. These interactive seminars also cover telephone skills, proper sitting, standing, dining, and conversation skills. At the conclusion of the seminar students will have learned how to be at ease with their peers, with adults, and with themselves. “Catherine Holloway’s Etiquette for Girls”™ and Young Men” can be customized around these topics:

  • Social Etiquette: Young people like to feel confident in social situations, and knowledge of social etiquette allows them to handle themselves and deal with others with ease.
  • Communication Skills: Knowing the tools for effective communication builds self esteem and leadership ability.
  • Table Manners: It is important for children to learn dining skills so they can be comfortable in any dining situation, whether home or away.