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Social Media Outlets

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Thank you for visiting my website, it is always my honor to teach the art of etiquette and social skills to you.  Tips, information and ideas will be shared on Social Media, Linkenin Blogs and current photos, please visit my other sites... Twitter:  @etiquetteohio Instragram: @etiquetteohio #etiquetteohio Linkedin:   Etiquette Consulting Services Catherine Holloway

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Being in Fashion

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In life, as a teacher, the material comes to you in different shapes and forms.  That is truly the art of it....I was walking in one of our parks the other day....two lovely ladies were behind me and due to their closeness and high range of their voices, parts of ...

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13 REAL Habits for 2013!

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Happy New Year! Every columnist and expert share with the public ways to improve your life in January, I thought I would take the time to add my two cents. My list of improvements to make your life better working from the inside out. Having us think about our actions, ...

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Air Travel Etiquette

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Air travel today is stressful, there’s no way to avoid that fact. In order to handle the stress, here are some pointers to help you. Travelers must have flexibility, have a sense of humor and most of all have patience. A courteous travel is well prepared.  Pre-print your boarding pass if you ...

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Business Networking

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Perhaps now that it is October or that the academic year is in full swing, it seems there are ample opportunities for business to business networking.  Networking is at the core of expanding your business plus business and social circles. Recently, I have seen advertised chamber breakfasts, community leader breakfasts, ...

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Talking Politics at Business and Social Events

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In the United States, it is full season for many political races. A little over three months away, the commercials, campaigns and over-signage will be history. The election results will be here; we would like to keep our friends and business colleagues alike. It seems we are faced with political conversations ...

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Renewal of Public Transportation and Good Manners

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During the summer months, traveling and public transportation seem to go hand in hand.  Whether you are flying, taking a coach bus, the subway, city bus, transit subways or taxi’s. They all offer a tourist view of colorful people and sites. The horror stories that go along we have all ...

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Public Civility

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A few days ago, I was leaving the grocery store and a man in his 20’s crossed my path and decided to spit right then and there.  A nice big wad from his mouth. I just stopped there in shock, my mind was racing with so many thoughts. Yesterday, I ...

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Ten Commandments for Good Manners

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I had the pleasure to speak at a lovely Mother-Daughter Tea recently in Mahoning and Lorain Counties. The hostesses were thoughtful and created a beautifully decorated table with lovely homemade sandwiches, cookies and tea. I shared many thoughts that afternoon, but the questions from the audiences kept returning to one ...

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Too Much Information

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Although mobile phones were actually designed in the 1940s, it wasn't until the 1980s that they started to become popular. At first society did not know how to handle the in and outs of the cell phone. The new rules, new boundaries had to be set. And some individuals set ...

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