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Business Etiquette

Business WomanManners open doors that help you close the deal. While a growing pool of technological advancements has made it easier to conduct business on many levels, it has drastically altered how we interact with one another. Add to that the incredible diversity of the modern workplace, an environment filled with people hailing from numerous cultural backgrounds, of varying ages and degrees of experience. Associated Content found that teamwork is rapidly becoming a growing staple in the workplace. Anyone seeking social or professional advancement needs finely honed interpersonal skills to navigate the rich landscape of American culture. Your skills will get you in the door, but your people skills will keep you there.

Business Etiquette that works!

Course can be customized around these topics:

The First Impression, Business Success, Conversation Skills, 

Boardroom and Fine Dining,  

Getting & Keeping that Job,

Interviewing Skill, Body Language, 

Proper Attire, Networking 

Social Media Manners, E-Mail Etiquette, 

Business Phones, Cellular Phones, Texting