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Being in Fashion

In life, as a teacher, the material comes to you in different shapes and forms.  That is truly the art of it….I was walking in one of our parks the other day….two lovely ladies were behind me and due to their closeness and high range of their voices, parts of the conversation just came my way….that is what I mean, the material just comes your way.   The main point of their conversation was the essence of the Thank you note.  Of course, being a big supporter of the good old fashion thank you, my ears were on fire.  Even today in 2014, when a gift giver doesn’t receive a Thank you note, the balance of etiquette is off. The gift giver feels sadness that the rules of etiquette aren’t being followed.  The Thank you note has endless power and give endless joy to another person.  Another event landed in my lap, I was with an old friend visiting over a cup of coffee. and out of nowhere, she recalled all the checks and gifts she gave her nieces and nephews in the past 21 years and never received that powerful thank you note from either of them.  She said enough is enough!   I know the training of children writing thank you notes must come from their parents or an etiquette teacher like myself.  It is interesting in this high tech age we live in, how a simple note can hold such weight. We must remember that and continue the traditions that are hand written and are worth their weight in gold.  Some traditions are worth keeping.

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