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Air Travel Etiquette

Air travel today is stressful, there’s no way to avoid that fact.
In order to handle the stress, here are some pointers to help you.
Travelers must have flexibility, have a sense of humor and most of all have patience. A courteous travel is well prepared.  Pre-print your boarding pass if you can, have your id card ready, be aware of your carry on and where you are going to put it, can you lift it? Is it really the size of a carry on? When going thru the security line – think about your outfit for travel and what you may have to take off: belts, jewelry, shoes, socks, laptops and other items.
In the plane, is where civility and common courtesy take over.
Aisle seat passengers: try to keep elbow or feet from protruding into the aisle. Be aware that people may ask you to get up several times during the flight. Don’t make them feel bad for having to use the restroom.
Window seat:  the window is in your control.  This passenger should really think ahead about using the restroom before sitting down and what papers or personal items they may want from overhead bins.
Middles seat and aisle seat should be aware that other can and will look at their laptop screens. The eyes will wander. The airplane is an open office, be cautious.
Basic common courtesy: Don’t kick the seat in front of you.
Be aware of using your hand on the seat in front of you.
Have a family conversation with your children before leaving your home, talk what is expected, what they will see and about their behavior.
Asking to switch seats:  If the seat you want to switch to is within view and you should ask nicely, Would you mind…. or Excuse me, may I please switch with you because…..  most fellow passengers are accommodating but if they say no, except it with a smile.
When talking to or asking the flight attendant for something, be kind, not demanding.
To chat or not:  Beware of the chatter,  ear plugs is a perfect way to say, I am not interest in having a conversation.  Or say something as, I am going to use this time to read or sleep.
The biggest pet peeves on the plane today is people who have their pets with them at the seat or passengers who bring food to their seat that has a strong odor.
As a fellow passenger, there is nothing you can do. So if you must eat on the plane, think about the food choice.
Disembarking: Take you time, be consideration of people getting their overhead luggage down, the elderly, the children. Try to take your trash with you.
You have landed, you are off the plane, enjoy your vacation!

Submitted by Catherine Holloway on Tue, 11/20/2012 – 10:52
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